Status Ripper

Status Ripper is an application for iOS developers. Status Ripper quickly and easily removes the status bar from your iOS screenshots and saves them as JPEG or PNG images. Status Ripper makes it easier for developers to focus on the application content.

Status Ripper works with both portrait and landscape applications and exports your images so that they are ready for submittal to the iTunes Store.  With Status Ripper you can E-mail the cropped images or you can save them to your saved Photos album.

As of February 2012, all new applications or application updates will require high resolution screenshots. Status Ripper can be used to prepare these screenshots. In order to prepare the required high resolution screenshots, please make sure that the original screenshot was collected on an iPhone 4, 4s or 5. Additionally, any application that will be updated or new for the iPhone 5 will require high resolution screenshots from the iPhone 5. 

iPhone Version

Status Ripper works with screenshots from the iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as with retina images from the iPhone 4, 4s and now the iPhone 5. 

Portrait images are either 320 X 460 px, 640 X 920 px or 640 X 1,096 px and landscape images are either 480 X 300 px, 960 X 600 px or 1,136 X 600 px. 

Version 1.1.2

  • Updated to add support for iPhone 5 screenshots and iOS 6.

iPad Version

Status Ripper for iPad works with all iPad models and allows you to save your images with rounded corners in order to match the iPad status bar user interface. 

Portrait images are either 768 X 1004 pixels or 1536 X 2008 pixels and landscape images are either 1024 X 748 pixels or 2048 X 1496 pixels. 


  • Images with rounded corners cannot be saved to the photo library, therefore all images with rounded corners will be sent via e-mail.

Version 1.2

  • Updated to support screenshots for retina (3rd & 4th generation) iPads.
  • Updated for iOS 5.1 support.
  • Fixed bug issues with custom name file saving.